Alachua County Forever

The Alachua County Forever Program was first established by voter initiative in November, 2000.   The first Wild Spaces Public Places Program extended additional funding for ACF in its two year life, from January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2010.   Here is a graphic of the locations of land and water resources protected so far by Alachua County Forever:  




The lands shown in RED have been acquired by Alachua County Forever.   Those shown in GREEN are in conservation status through some other public or private agency.   Those shown in PURPLE are eligible to be acquired, but do not score high enough to be pursued.  Those in YELLOW are on the active acquisition list, though no funding is currently available (pending approval of Wild Spaces Public Places on November 8, these shown in yellow are the highest priority projects to be considered).   Those in ORANGE have been nominated for consideration but the landowner is not interested in selling and/or they do not score high enough to be considered.    

Nominating a property for consideration is easy, it is a one page form.    Please visit the Alachua County Forever website for more information:

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